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Cat use to be an intergalactic space hero while Cat was a pirate who sailed the seven seas.

Naw, just kidding.  Cat and Cat are two cats who love to talk to each other.






Characters from legacy comic “My Imaginary Pals”

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Simon is a overly imaginative, reserved, awkward fellow who’s married to Tilly.

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Tilly is an energetic, strong, independent woman who doesn’t take guff from anyone…especially her husband, Simon.

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Korbin is a energetic fun loving pup who enjoys getting into all sorts of trouble. He likes long walks in the park, howling at the moon …and eating POOP

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Curtis is the best pal of Simon. He is clever, witty and LOVES getting Simon into trouble.

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Koda the cat. Originally Simon picked him out but the two are in a never ending love-hate relationship.