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  • Lunch Break.
    gas%2Bstation%2Btuna Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    This one is based on an almost true story. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.Love, Read more »
  • Rush Hour.
    rush%2Bhour Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Yeah, this is pretty my drive home most days. Beck keeps the road rage out... for the most part...Love, Read more »
  • Starfish.
    starfish Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I really did, once... Spicey...Love, Read more »
  • Wrestling.
    wrestling Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I know this may not be a popular opinion, but I'm just gonna put this out there. "WWF Royal Rumble" might be one of, if not actually, the best video game ever made. Just sayin.Love, Read more »
  • 2 Player.
    2%2Bplayer%2Balternate Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I do love irreverent comedy.Love, Read more »
  • Policy.
    policy Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I won't say the name of the company I work for, but stupid thing like this happen all the time. We're a multimillion dollar organization...Love, Read more »
  • Zelda.
    zelda Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I guess you could say I'm excited for a new Zelda game...Love,   Chris, Read more »
  • Roach.
    roach Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    This actually happened. It's really my fault for not thinking before I speak.Love, Read more »
  • Future Parent.
    Future%2BParent Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I think every kid at one point or another worries about turning into their parents. Mine's worrying that at age five...Love, Read more »
  • 3 AM.
    3am Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Yeah, this pretty much sums up parenting.Love, Read more »