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  • Dad.
    Dad Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Sooner or later I think most people who have kids go through this. Especially if you are a younger parent...Love, Read more »
  • Potty Emergency.
    Potty%2BEmergency Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Every parent has done this at some point or another. A good parent only has to do it once, though...Love, Read more »
  • Muffin Top.
    muffin%2Btop Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Yeah. This actually happened and my self esteem is so low that I couldn't even let myself feel good about it!Love, Read more »
  • Moo.
    moo Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I am so sorry I told my kid that stupid, stupid joke.Love, Read more »
  • TP.
    TP Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I'm just gonna come right out and say it. People who crumple the toilet paper are disgusting and should be punished.Love, Read more »
  • The Look.
    the%2Blook Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    There may not be another thing in the entire world that I love as much as a good sandwich.Love, Read more »
  • Raiders.
    RAIDERS Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Yeah, if you think about it, Indy is kind of a scum bag. In the second movie, somebody even calls him a grave robber and I was like, "Yeah. Kinda."Love,   Chris, Read more »
  • Gay.
    gay Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Sadly, this is based on a real conversation I had. I do live in Florida, after all...Love, Read more »
  • Lunch Break.
    gas%2Bstation%2Btuna Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    This one is based on an almost true story. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.Love, Read more »
  • Rush Hour.
    rush%2Bhour Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Yeah, this is pretty my drive home most days. Beck keeps the road rage out... for the most part...Love, Read more »