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  • Bugs.
    bugs Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Kids are gross...Love, Read more »
  • Names.
    NAMES Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Even in real life, I am terrible with names...Love, Read more »
  • Nope.
    nope Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I probably shouldn't be poking fun at the people who own my site, but...Love, Read more »
  • Heart.
    heart Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Ha Ha! Wordplay!Love, Read more »
  • Depressed.
    depressed Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I wonder if there is a specific term for the sort of depression you feel after a long video game or watching the finale of a long television show. Maybe this is related to the anxiety I feel about getting older. Nothing can last forever, right? Except maybe "The Simpsons..."Love,  ... Read more »
  • Escapism.
    escapism Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Three tickets (one child), a medium popcorn, a bottle of water and a kid's meal cost forty nine dollars. This is why people are stealing movies off the internet!Love,   Chris, Read more »
  • Weather.
    weather Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I once had a dog that would beg to go out and I would say 'No. It's raining.' She would then move to the other side of the house. She knew that in Florida it could be raining in your backyard and not the front...Love, Read more »
  • Respect.
    respect Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Seriously, at this point the president is just an embarrassment. I don't know how anyone can look at Trump and feel anything but contempt.Love, Read more »
  • Video Games.
    video%2Bgames Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I can be sorta passionate about video games. But who hasn't smashed a controller or two.. or six...Love, Read more »
  • The Call.
    the%2Bcall Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    This is an actual thing. Look it up.Love, Read more »