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  • Disorders.
    disorders Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I feel like we, as a society, should have more discussions about mental health/personality disorders. So you can expect more comics like this out of me.Love, Read more »
  • Age.
    age Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I'm terrible at figuring out peoples ages. I don't know why I keep trying to guess.Love, Read more »
  • Mate.
    mate Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    As far as my kid knows, he came along by immaculate conception...Love, Read more »
  • 34.
    34 Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Seriously though. I've been at this for three years and still no porn. Frankly, my feelings are a little hurt...Love, Read more »
  • Reader Mail Pt. 5.
    readermail5 Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I know what I said and I meant what I said. If you can't handle some full frontal male nudity from time to time than this might not be the comic for you.Love, Read more »
  • Singing.
    singing Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Seriously, look up "Touch Myself" by the Divinyls. It's amazing.Love, Read more »
  • Curly.
    curly Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I feel like if I want to look like Salvador Dali I should be aloud to!Love, Read more »
  • Hobbyist.
    hobbyist Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Yup. A hobbyist. That's what I keep telling myself...Love, Read more »
  • Shower Thoughts.
    shower%2Bthoughts Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    It's just a penis, guys. It will be okay.Love, Read more »
  • Heroes.
    heroes Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    No, seriously. The flash sucks.Love, Read more »