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  • Topless.
    topless Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I honestly thought this was pretty good idea. I just think the wife is being kind of a prude.Love, Read more »
  • Naked Cartoon!
    default Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    [youtube]My first cartoon! I hope everyone enjoys it and can't wait to make more of these!Love, Read more »
  • Witty.
    witty Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    It's almost sad in a way. I always thought I was funny...Love, Read more »
  • Snake.
    snake Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Yeah, that's pretty much how the conversation went.Love, Read more »
  • Chris IRL.
    chris%2Birl Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    The only thing that bothers me about this is that Chris' coffee is clearly ready, and he's so into his phone that he doesn't notice.Love, Read more »
  • Noise.
    noise Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Am I really raising a kid who doesn't like the Ramones? What have I done...Love, Read more »
  • Real Me.
    real%2Bme Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Yup. That's pretty much how every conversation about that episode I've had has went. Thanks.Love, Read more »
  • ROBOsexual.
    ROBOsexual Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I guess I would define robosexual as someone who is attracted to robots... Maybe it's time Titty Robot to make a return?Love, Read more »
  • Rosie Pin-Up.
    rosie%2Bpin-up Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Here's an extra little something that I thought would be funny.Love, Read more »
  • Death Pt. 3.
    death%2Bpt.%2B3 Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I'd like to dedicate this one to my Grandmother who passed away last week. Drawing like this helps a bit...Love, Read more »