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  • Peace and Quiet.
    peace%2Band%2Bquiet Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I, for one, am proud of my burps! the secret is you have to learn how to project them.Love, Read more »
  • Good Morning.
    good%2Bmorning Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Sadly, I do this way more than I'd like to admit.Love, Read more »
  • Super.
    super Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Fuck Ghouls N' Ghosts.Love, Read more »
  • Todd Comic!
    TODD_COMIC Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Today's comic was written AND drawn (not digitally) by one of my best friends, Todd Darby! Also, as far as I'm concerned, punching Nazis is ALWAYS cool!Love, Read more »
  • Foodie.
    foodie Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    On a serious note, I have absolutly no problem with people pictures of their food on the internet. I myself even follow a sandwich board on reddit. I have lost many hours looking at peoples sandwiches.Love, Read more »
  • Indecisive.
    imdecisive Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Does anybody else do this? just look through netflix for what seems like hours before just giving up? I don't know if I ever even watch anything...Love, Read more »
  • Space Man Chris!
    spacemanchris Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I bought some new pens and just wanted to have some fun.Love, Read more »
  • Roundabout.
    roundabout Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Drawn while watching "The Big Lebowski."Love, Read more »
  • Rediculous.
    rediculous Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    Some people will just believe anything. I believe a man can be beaten repeatedly with a steel folding chair and be perfectly healthy without so much as a bruise a week later.Love, Read more »
  • Hypothetical.
    hypothetical Poorly Drawn Thoughts
    I'm just saying that if I had a clone it would be perfectly and socially acceptable for me to have sex with it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.Love, Read more »